I am honored to serve on the County Board. I believe in the importance of health, literacy, and equity for all, and I’m ready to work towards those goals with my service on the County Board. I humbly ask for your vote on April 2.
— Huong Nguyen-Hilfiger

About Me


I’ve been a Madison resident for a decade now, living on the Southwest side of Madison with my husband, Andrew, and our son, Isaac. I’m a public health professional, a library lover, and a volunteer. Let’s meet.

My Priorities


I joined the Dane County Board to bring my expertise in public health and budget planning, and my unique perspective as a working mom, first generation immigrant, and woman of color, to our local government.



Catch up on what I’ve been up to on the County Board floor, what the campaign is working on, and other community events and news. If you have questions you’d like to address, I’d be glad to write something up.

I believe Huong will bring a valuable perspective to the County Board with her expertise in population health, particularly as so many of the difficult issues facing the Board share a public health component.
— Dane County Board Chair Sharon Corrigan