My Impact

I worked hard in 2018 to get up to speed with a short time period between my confirmation and our 2019 budget season. Below are a few items of the many items that I worked on.



more Committed to immigration services

With an increased budget for the Immigration Assistance Fund and a discretionary fund for our own immigration officer, we have renewed and strengthened our commitment to our immigrant neighbors.



additional pre-trial services employees

The pre-trial services department helps route people to alternatives to incarceration via race-neutral assessments. Fully staffing this department is essential, and our budget commitment ensures that we can continue reducing our jail population.



dedicated to spanish language ballots

Translation services are a critical part of engaging our Latinx neighbors in government efforts. One of the very first steps in that is making sure that Spanish-speaking residents are able to understand their ballots and VOTE! I am proud to support the funding for Spanish language ballots at every voting location.